About our Photographer

So many people think a photographer’s main job is simply to take pictures. Well, that might be okay for your “Uncle Harry”, but for me and my clients, there’s something totally different going on.

To start, I love being a photographer and helping my clients see moments they’d normally miss. When I’m on an assignment and working with a couple, family or even a high school senior, with a camera in my hand I’m more engaged. I’m totally engrossed in those special moments only my camera can capture and turn into a tangible memory.

I guess it’s just in my blood. I’ve always enjoyed, even when I was a kid, seeing how things worked. In photography it’s all about the ingredients that help create that decisive moment when I click the shutter. It’s not about my gear, but my never-ending quest to be the very best at creating images you can share and hold in your hands for a lifetime.

  • Justin